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Welcome to the Bahria University DSpace digital repository. DSpace is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • Waleed Zaman, 01-235161-068; Shehryar Malik, 01-235161-083 (Computer Sciences BUIC, 2020)
    Explore Pakistan is a Mobile Application designed for the betterment and encouragement of tourism in Pakistan. This application provides solutions to the problems of traditional tourism and ease for the tourists. The Explore ...
  • Abubakar Rahim, 01-235161-048; Farhan Ali, 01-235161-059 (Computer Sciences BUIC, 2020)
    This project is related to Spare Parts issue that people face on daily basis. There are number of vendors for Spare Parts are available throughout the country but some management issues still stand. Lack of spare parts and ...
  • Haider Imtiaz, 01-235171-017; Zunair Jameel, 01-235171-088 (Computer Sciences BUIC, 2020)
    Tourism in Pakistan has been increased greatly from the past few years and is still increasing day by day. Every year millions of people from all over Pakistan and international tourists visit the tourist destinations in ...
  • Nasrullah, 01-235162-035; Ameer Hamza, 01-235162-004 (Computer Sciences BUIC, 2020)
    Nowadays security of the data is a challenging task. Criminal data is needed to secure. Our system provides secure data. This system will secure the data of FIR data. However, Our project is to switch the regular data ...
  • Muhammad Usama, 01-235161-053; Muhammad Ali, 01-235161-063 (Computer Sciences BUIC, 2020)
    According to our survey, it is difficult to communicate with mentally unstable or a disabled person. A mentally unstable person or a disabled person are likely not to talk or communicate. Their is no such device available ...

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