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Welcome to the Bahria University DSpace digital repository. DSpace is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • Muhammad Farhan, 01-134182-097; Muhammad Umer Farooq, 01-134181-062 (Computer Sciences, 2022)
    We are living in the most evolved period ever, in which everything is being integrated with technology in some form every day. Almost every industry has begun to utilize technology, which is assisting them in attaining the ...
  • Bilal Saeed Raja (Computer Sciences, 2002)
    ExpoSoft is Management Information System designed for the Exporters of Pakistan. This is a programming oriented project. This Management Information System allows the owner I exporters to manage their daily routine according ...
  • Omer Irfan Ahmed, 244011-022 (Computer Sciences, 2002)
    In this world of complexities, human beings are more like a machine. Things are becoming so hectic and tough, which arc making people to think about recreation. It is the right of every person to recreate at any stage of ...
  • Syed Khurram Saeed Shah, 244012-072 (Computer Sciences, 2002)
    This report explores to the reader about the Gambhir Inventory System. This report is intended to be of value for many different type of readers including the System Analyst, Computer Programmers, and Students, who are new ...
  • Ashar Naseer (Computer Sciences, 2002)
    The project is a complex Client/ Server development that is designed to meet the needs of a billing system at an ISP (Internet Service Provider). The project has undertaken the RADIUS protocol as the core of the system, ...

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